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Accredited Home Staging Professionals Dayton Ohio Miami Valley
Selling a home is challenging. 
Getting it ready to sell is even more 
overwhelming. Juggling kids and jobs 
makes it nearly impossible to have 
enough time or energy to think about 
what needs to get done to sell your 
home. Hiring a home stager like 
Ask Amy Staging, LLC can eliminate 
that burden!

As an Accredited Home Staging 
Professional, the Ask Amy Staging 
team understands that when you place 
your home on the market, it transitions 
from being your home to being a product 
for sale. It now has competition and must 
be merchandised in the most effective 
way possible to sell quickly and for 
more money. 

Our staging services do just that, distinguish your property 
from all the other homes on the market. Giving you a clean, strategic, and welcoming design that will have you 
selling quickly.

At Ask Amy Staging, we offer our Home Staging 
services in 2 parts. 

Part 1: Pre-Stage Consult 
This entails a detailed report that itemizes tasks to 
accomplish for each room. Suggestions can include:
  • paint colors,
  • removing furniture or decor,
  • what to de-clutter,
  • lighting suggestions,
  • flooring and countertop suggestions,
  • cleaning recommendations,
  • and so much more.

We also have a Home Services division that provides trusted contractors to help you with any home repairs that might need completed before listing. 

Part 2: Professional Stage 
This is our hands-on home 
staging. This occurs after 
the pre-stage consultation 
is completed and includes 
our staging team 
maximizing the flow of 
your property, creating an 
environment and featuring 
the market view point of 
each room.

Call today to schedule 
your appointment! 
Home Staging
"Amy took personal time to talk me through my home, 
room-by-room about what 
she had in mind to prepare my 
property for sale. Ask Amy Staging more than met our expectations! 

In the course of one day she was able to take what was left 
from a move and transform 
my property into an inviting, attractive and clean look. 

We were thrilled with 
the outcome!"
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